Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Fw: The heart of our movement

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Pramila Jayapal


It's been a whirlwind start to the year in Washington. Republicans are hellbent on reversing decades of progress in this country and they throw a new threat our way almost every day. This month began with news of President Trump's bigoted comments against Haitian, African, and Salvadoran immigrants. And as the days went by, we witnessed the GOP's disdain for immigrants, women, and our public health play out with a government shutdown and an attempt to pass an abortion ban bill.

Through it all, Pramila has been on the frontlines raising her voice against hate and injustice. Can you make a contribution of $3 to Pramila's campaign right now and help her keep fighting back against the GOP in Congress?

Tomorrow, Pramila is continuing the fight for our moral values by not attending the State of the Union. Her nonviolent resistance is not about different views on policy -- it's about upholding basic human decency and respect. With other members of Congress, she will stand in solidarity with immigrants and reject the White House's racism, sexism, and hatred. Together, they'll honor grassroots leaders and lift up a common-sense progressive agenda that will serve all Americans. From our nation's streets to the halls of Congress, organizing and acts of resistance like this are the heart of our movement.

Donations from grassroots supporters like you ensure that Pramila is able to keep the GOP accountable for their actions. Make a donation of $3 right now to help Pramila make our progressive vision a reality.

Republicans are working to turn back the clock on advancements that our grassroots leaders fought so hard for. We won't let them win. Last year we made incredible strides together -- successfully keeping the GOP from gutting our healthcare, knocking down every attempt to defund Planned Parenthood, electing history-making progressive candidates in Alabama and Virginia, and marching by the millions in the streets to protect our liberties. This year will no doubt bring a different set of challenges, but there's nothing we can't overcome if we have each other's backs.

Show Pramila that you have her back: contribute $3 today.

Thank you,

Team Pramila






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