Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Fw: Something new and different: Truth from Trump.

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Tax March
Imagine if Trump told the truth at tonight's State of the Union.
Tax March

byong --

Tonight, Donald Trump will give his State of the Union address. We're pretty sure it'll be full of lies, especially about the TrumpTax.

Instead of using the State of the Union to level with the American people about the effects of the TrumpTax, Trump is sure to double down with even more misinformation and misdirection.

We put together a clip of what Trump would say about the TrumpTax tonight, if he'd dare to tell the truth -- watch and share it with your friends to fight his lies.

The White House and Republican leadership just keep trying to sell Americans on the TrumpTax, but don't be fooled -- this plan will mean more layoffs, stagnant wages, and big payouts to wealthy shareholders. Companies like AT&T, Comcast, and Pfizer have already announced bonuses for their executives and layoffs for their workers, crediting the TrumpTax.

We deserve an economy that works for all of us -- not just the wealthy and well-connected. But the agenda Trump is offering puts working families further behind, and rich donors farther ahead. It's up to us to make sure the American people see Trump's plan for what it is.

Watch and share our video now to combat Trump's lies.

Thanks for helping spread the word.

Nicole Gill
Executive Director, Tax March

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