Saturday, February 3, 2018

Fw: Bernie wants to OVERTURN this Supreme Court decision:

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Official Progressive Caucus Poll
INSTANT POLL: Should Citizens United be OVERTURNED?
✔ YES →
✘ NO →

We'll be brief --

Over 7 years ago, the Supreme Court handed down the disastrous Citizens United decision.

Since then, corporate-backed SuperPACs and GOP billionaires have flooded our elections with dark money.

This is a GROSS injustice to our Democracy -- and Bernie Sanders agrees:

Citizens United handed millionaires and billionaires -- who have already rigged our economy -- unlimited influence in our elections. - Bernie Sanders

But we want to know what you think:

Should Citizens United be OVERTURNED?
✔ YES →
✘ NO →

At the foundation of our Democracy is the idea that our government should be run of The People, by The People, and for The People.

But Citizens United is corrupting that principle, and handing our elections over to an ultra-wealthy minority.

We can't allow that to happen -- and that's why, as Progressives, we have a responsibility to end this disastrous court decision.

So are you with us? Let us know right away:

Thank you for taking a stand.

-Progressive Caucus

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