Saturday, February 24, 2018

Fw: Get Out the Vote begins in two big races:

things you should know before you vote!

things you should know before you vote!

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DLCC | We're fighting for a majority in the states:
Three days from now, we can notch wins #38 and #39 - flipping two more seats in two of the closest expected battleground states of 2018.
Byong –

Just a few days ago, Democrats flipped our 37th Republican-held seat from red to blue since Donald Trump became president – and we did it directly in Mitch McConnell's backyard, in a Kentucky House district that gave Trump more that 72% of the vote.

Now this Tuesday, we can notch flips #38 and #39 – two key seats in two of the closest expected battleground states of 2018.

Democrats Philip Spagnuolo and Phil Young are both running to flip Republican-leaning seats in New Hampshire and Connecticut, in areas that swung significantly toward Trump in the last election. Spagnuolo is a recovery coach working to help New Hampshire fight the opioid epidemic, while Young is a former town councilman who has worked relentlessly to boost funding for local schools.

These are exactly the kind of leaders we need fighting for our communities and our nation's future, but Republicans have just announced thousands of dollars of last-minute spending to lock these seats down and keep them in the GOP column.

We need 5,000 of our very best supporters to give this weekend to help Democrats everywhere fight back, before right-wing spending pushes flippable districts like these out of reach.

Please give $10 this weekend to push Democrats to victory in this week's special elections and all our key battlegrounds to come:
If you saved your information with ActBlue Express, clicking a link below will cause your donation to process instantly:
These races are about so much more than just two seats.

New Hampshire Democrats haven't forgotten that their state hosted Donald Trump's first-ever election win, back in the 2016 primaries. Now they're FIRED UP to take their state back from Trump's allies in the legislature, and their relentless organizing has already flipped four Republican seats blue in the past year alone.

Meanwhile in Connecticut, national Republicans have made it their mission to paint this state red – and they've spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to do it. Flipping a Republican seat blue next week will emphatically slam the door on those efforts, before the right's dark money groups have a chance to ramp back up.

We only have three days left until Election Day: Pitch in $10 right now to help Democrats WIN in key races like next week's special elections and then take the fight to Republicans nationwide.

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