Thursday, February 1, 2018

Fw: I’m running against Paul Ryan

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I sure ain't scared to be blunt: I'm running to defeat Paul Ryan, and I need 2 bucks to kick his butt -- AND defeat his Republican Majority.
- A PPP poll shows me closing in: I'm within 7 points!
- That means Ryan's plummeted 28 points. 28!
- I need you to rush in $2 to defeat him -- AND his Republican Majority!
It'll take 3,264 folks stepping up before midnight -- the first End of Month Deadline of 2O18:


Triple match your $2 >>

Triple match your $3 >>

Triple match your $5 >>

Triple match your $8 >>

Triple match your $18 >>

Or triple match another amount >>

If an ironworker like me can defeat the Speaker of the House, we'll show Republicans that when they put wealthy donors first, Americans WILL rise up and defeat them.
I sure as heck refuse to sit back while Ryan and the Republicans shortchange real Americans, and you shouldn't either.
I'm counting on a surge of grassroots support to defeat Paul Ryan and the Republican House. Can I count on your $2 before midnight?

Thank you,

Randy Bryce

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