Sunday, February 4, 2018

Fw: NEW WAY to End Republican Gerrymandering:

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byong jun: DEMAND A Constitutional Amendment to End Republican Gerrymandering Immediately →

Constitutional Amendment | 100,000 Co-Sponsors Needed


byong, we need ALL-HANDS-ON-DECK to pass the Constitutional Amendment to End Republican Gerrymandering.

Because the Supreme Court is STACKED with Republicans. We simply cannot trust them to do the right thing.

So we're building a movement to pass a Constitutional Amendment to END Republican Gerrymandering once and for all!

We need 100,000 Co-Sponsors to kick off our efforts. Will you sign for Washington?


byong -- YOU are crucial to the fight to end Republican Gerrymandering.

Without you, we are FINISHED. Don't let Republicans STEAL your vote... click below to sign our petition now:

-Progressive Turnout Project


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