Sunday, February 25, 2018

Fw: Thanks for signing -- have one more second?

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Thank you for signing the petition urging Congress to stop the FCC's plan to dismantle net neutrality.

Now, one of the most impactful things you can do to save net neutrality is to CALL CONGRESS TODAY and tell your lawmakers to support the 'resolution of disapproval' to overturn the FCC vote.

Call: 858-264-0403

We will connect you to the offices of your lawmakers. You can use this script when talking to them —  just introduce yourself, be polite, and say:

"As your constituent, I urge you to cosponsor the Congressional Review Act 'resolution of disapproval' to reverse the FCC's December vote repealing net neutrality. An open internet is vital for free expression and innovation.

Thank you!
-The Stop the FCC Coalition
American Family Voices
Center for Media Justice
Climate Hawks Vote
Color of Change
Common Cause
Common Dreams
Consumers Union
Daily Kos
Demand Progress
Democracy for America
Free Press Action Fund
Love Army
The Nation
PEN America
People Demanding Action
People For the American Way
Presente Action
Progressive Congress Action Fund
Public Citizen

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