Thursday, February 22, 2018

Fw: this isn't a secret

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Subject: this isn't a secret

Byong – I need your help.

It's no secret that Mitch McConnell and GOP mega-donors are desperate to keep Dean Heller in the Senate. In fact, Mitch McConnell's Super PAC has already pledged millions of dollars to keep Nevada red. They know that our race is tied, and Nevada is one of just two seats we need to flip to turn the Senate blue.

So this fight won't be easy, and we can't fall behind with this much at stake. But we're still $4,127 short of today's must-hit match goal. If you step up and donate before midnight, a group of supporters will match your donation. There's only a few hours left:

Give now – every dollar you can – to DOUBLE your impact and flip Nevada's Senate seat blue.

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