Thursday, February 1, 2018

Fw: We built our own wall

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Resilience, passion, and resolve

Pramila Jayapal


Last night I was inspired. I was inspired by the resilience, passion, and resolve of a group of women leading the resistance at the State of OUR Union—an event organized by women activists and leaders from around the country that reached half a million people! The State of OUR Union showed clearly that the future is female and diverse!

And it was a stark contrast to the Republican side's mostly white male audience at the State of the Union that kept cheering at the President's every word like frat boys.

The energy at the State of OUR Union was raw, authentic, and soul-reaching and made me even more hopeful for the year to come. A year in which we have a real chance to flip Congress and ensure that progressive policies that work for everyone in the United States are front and center.

This movement is ours. Contribute $3 today to help me reach my critical end-of-month fundraising deadline and keep the momentum going to fight back against the racist, sexist, and hateful Trump administration.

President Trump made dangerous and dubious assertions at last night's State of the Union address. By now you've already heard them -- insinuating that coal is good for the environment, inciting North Korea with intimidation, falsely calling our system of family reunification by the insulting phrase "chain migration" to justify slashing legal immigration, and criminalizing immigrants by suggesting that they are all gang members.

I'm working to stop this shameful rhetoric and white nationalist plan in its tracks, but I can't do it alone. Chip in $3 today to keep me on the frontlines of this fight.

I know that we're so much better than President Trump's vision for our country. Last night we built our own wall at the State of OUR Union. Not to keep us separated, but to lift each other up, hand in hand, with unwavering support and love. And we're determined to spread this version of America for generations to come.


Pramila Jayapal






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