Saturday, March 3, 2018

Fw: ABOLISH THE NRA [must see byong!]

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BREAKING: 3 amazing Democrats are running to
TAKE-DOWN NRA-backed Republicans

The BEST way to ABOLISH the NRA is to defeat their GOP puppets.

Democrats Jason Crow (Colorado), Dean Phillips (Minnesota), and Katie Porter (California) need our help to defeat their Republican opponents.

They're up against some of the absolute WORST NRA-backed Republicans.

So we're sending them 5OO donations to kick-start their campaigns to TAKE-DOWN the NRA. Can you chip in right now?

Chip in $5 immediately ➞
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Byong -- imagine replacing three of the NRA's most LOYAL puppets with campaign finance reformers!

It would be a HUGE step towards reducing the corrupt influence of the NRA and ending the era of Special Interests.

And these are EXACTLY the kinds of reformers we NEED in Congress:

Dean Phillips: Campaign finance reformer should be the chief concern of anything seeking elected office
Katie Porter: I'm running for Congress to take on Donald Trump and the powerful special interests in Washington on behalf of our families.
Jason Crow: Just as I have taken an oath to defend the Constitution as a soldier and a lawyer, I will do so as a member of Congress

The BEST way that we can spark change is to elect campaign finance reform champions and unseat corrupt Republicans.

Now is the time to act Byong. Donate now to DEFEAT NRA-backed Republicans and replace them with true Democrats:

Chip in $5 immediately ➞
Chip in $15 immediately ➞
Chip in $35 immediately ➞
Chip in $50 immediately ➞
Chip in $100 immediately ➞
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