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Fw: "Healthcare Not Insurance"

things you should know before you vote!

things you should know before you vote!

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We need healthcare, not insurance.
The fight for healthcare is not new. Americans have been fighting industry and crony capitalism for quality healthcare for decades. Our first achievements were historical—we stopped child labor in conditions that would haunt their health for the rest of their lives, we ensured a weekend to allow American families to rest and recuperate, we ensured that many companies offered healthcare benefits to entice the best workers. Unions led those fights for American rights. In areas with strong unions, health outcomes were better, pay was better for all, and more Americans were satisfied with their jobs.
With the recent decline of unions, so too has our ability to fight for our healthcare in the same way. Decades of incremental erosion of healthcare benefits, escalating costs, political efforts to undermine unions, and the thousands of strikes over just keeping the health plans workers have fought to win has taken a huge toll on the quality of those plans and on the unions themselves.
Crony capitalism is winning, and our access to quality, affordable healthcare is receding.
In my article A Labor-Based Movement For Medicare for All, I argue that we are losing this battle but we do not have to lose the war. However, to do so, we must change how we fight.
Every American wants for them and their families to be healthy, but why do we automatically assume that insurance is a part of that equation? We should not be fighting for access to insurance, we should be fighting for our access to healthcare. We should not put our health and our lives in the hands of insurance companies.
Medicare has worked well in this country to provide healthcare to our aging citizens. We have the opportunity and the ability to expand this program, get rid of the corporate middle-man, and to create a system that allows all Americans access to quality healthcare. A Medicare for All system is our new tactic in this battle for American health and American justice.
We can change the game. As we have seen with the Fight for $15 and the #MeToo movement, we have the power to overcome politically powerful economic forces by mobilizing public opinion through our work.
In demanding guaranteed healthcare through a Medicare for All system, we are demanding a more just and healthy, productive and humane society. Medicare for All not only motivates millions to organize for justice, but winning it would help win justice for all.
Read my article and share with your friends, and start a conversation.
Thanks for staying engaged,
Michael Lighty
Director of Public Policy for National Nurses United & Fellow of The Sanders Institute

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