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Fw: Texas Republicans running scared

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Stop the progressive bleeding in the states: historic Texas victories ahead?
Donate now to 7 Texas progressives!
Donate now to 7 Texas progressives!
Donate now to 7 Texas progressives!
Donate now to 7 Texas progressives!
Donate now to 7 Texas progressives!
Donate now to 7 Texas progressives!

Since 2008, Democrats have lost over 900 state legislative seats. But that could change this year, starting in Texas.

HOUSTON CHRONICLE: Texas Republicans fret over possible anti-Trump 'blue wave' in '18
YAHOO NEWS: Is THIS the year Texas goes Democratic?

Texas was within single digits in 2016, after trending Democratic for years, making many districts across the state competitive. To push this along, we're supporting seven progressive champions.

Beto O'Rourke (TX-Sen) is within single digits of beating Ted Cruz. Veronica Escobar (TX-16) is running to be the first Latina woman to represent Texas in Congress. And 5 progressive champions are running to flip newly competitive seats in the Texas House of Representatives that trended HARD against Trump. Some of these champions face competitive primaries this Tuesday.

Be a part of grassroots history. Donate $1 or more each to our Lone Star Slate: Beto O'Rourke, Veronica Escobar, and 5 Texas House of Representatives candidates in this historic wave year.

Meet our 5 progressive champions running to flip seats from red to blue in the Texas House of Representatives:

Brandy Chambers (TX-HD112) is an alumni of the PCCC's National Candidate Training and is running in a Dallas-area district that rejected Donald Trump in a big red-to-blue swing. Her opponent is an NRA darling who co-sponsored bills allowing guns to be openly-carried in public, and to allow concealed handguns on college campuses. Help Brandy fight for sensible gun laws and defeat her NRA "A"-rated opponent. Donate $1 to her campaign.

Jon Rosenthal (TX-HD135) is an engineer and grassroots organizer who founded an Indivisible group in Houston. His opponent owns a sleazy payday-lending company that has faced criminal charges, fleeces working people with interest rates over 1,000%, and uses his power as a legislator to fight limits on his profits. Jon will fight for working people, not strangle them with ruinous debt. Donate $1 to Jon's campaign.

Michelle Beckley (TX-HD65) is a small business owner who is running to flip a Dallas-area district that Trump lost. Her opponent is the lead sponsor of an anti-transgender "bathroom bill". Michelle will focus on leveling the playing field for small-businesses and creating quality, good-paying jobs. Show that Texas is no place for anti-LGBT hate. Donate $1 to Michelle's campaign.

Beth Llewellyn McLaughlin (TX-HD97) taught public school for 32 years in Fort Worth before leaving to care for her husband as he beat cancer. She's seen firsthand how Republican attacks on healthcare and public schools hurt working families. Her opponent voted against expanding Medicaid to over 1 million Texans. Fight for public school teachers and expanding Medicaid. Donate $1 to Beth's campaign.

Meghan Scoggins (TX-HD28) is a mother of 5, who went to college as an adult while helping build the International Space Station. The Houston Chronicle praises her deep knowledge of her district's problems as "one of the most impressive first-time candidates we've met during this election cycle." Her opponent has a 0% score from NARAL and Equality Texas. Defend a woman's right to choose. Donate $1 to Meghan's campaign.

Texas will gain seats in Congress after the 2020 census. The party that controls the Texas Legislature will draw new congressional districts that could decide control of Congress.

Thanks in part to a wave of anti-Trump resistance and Texas' increasing diversity, this state is finally within reach for Democrats.

Will you donate $1 or more each to our Lone Star Slate: Beto O'Rourke, Veronica Escobar, and 5 Texas House of Representatives candidates in this historic wave year?

Thanks for being a bold progressive.

-- Kenton Ngo, PCCC Director of Analytics























































Want to support the Warren wing? Senator Elizabeth Warren says, "When PCCC members donate millions in small-dollar donations and make millions of phone calls for progressive candidates, leaders in Washington, they take notice." Chip in $3 here.

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